has the privilege to announce

a 3D clinical session on Guided
Tissue Regeneration led by


EuroPerio9 - Thursday Jun 21st
12:30-14:00 - Room E105-108


GUIDOR® special session

Make the most of your Europerio experience : get to know GTR best practices with the experts.

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) with GUIDOR® bioresorbable matrix barrier

Presentation of a clinical tool (SAC) for decision making in regenerative surgery (Dr P.Cortellini / Dr M.Tonetti)

  • GTR and SAC in intrabony defect (Dr J. Gonzales)
    Regenerative surgery in intrabony defects:3Dvideo (Dr. P.Cortellini)
  • GTR and SAC in furcations (Dr A. Friedmann)
    Regenerative surgery in furcations:3Dvideo (Dr. P.Cortellini)
  • GTR and SAC in gingival recessions (Dr S. Aroca)
    Regenerative surgery in gingival recessions:3Dvideo (Dr. P.Cortellini)

Sunstar and the Florence Task Force™

The Florence Task Force™ is a group of highly respected clinicians who have been working for the past 2 years on the dissemination of education in periodontology with a focus on the positioning of GTR within the various treatment options.

After a brainstorming in Milan in July 2015 with a small group of 8 periodontists chaired by Professor NP Lang, Sunstar decided to be a partner in education in periodontology in order to position GTR in the current days, since GTR had all but disappeared in the 90’s from everyday practice. A task force was put together and included around 15 international clinicians who were willing to promote periodontology and GTR again. The clinicians represented both the university setting and private practice in order to focus on patient outcomes and saving teeth. This became known as the Florence Task Force™.

So far, it resulted in educational presentations about regenerative surgical treatments throughout Europe, used in several types of events by the participants from the Task Force, whether a lecture in a scientific congress, an educational specialized course or a workshop training program. Three articles should also be submitted soon about a clinical tool (SAC) for decision making in regenerative surgery in the three main indications of GTR : furcation class II, intrabony defect and recession. To present those, Sunstar GUIDOR organizes this special session at EuroPerio9 in Amsterdam led by Dr Cortellini and Dr Tonetti to share the work of the Task Force, with 3D clinical videos.

And because regenerative therapies go hand in hand with pre and post-operative care, consensual post-operative protocols have also been developed by the group and spread alongside the GTR treatments to move prevention and maintenance to a higher level of awareness among clinicians.

Sunstar and the Florence Task Force™, a story of a common interest in education and saving teeth.

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